I am a librarian who is fortunate enough to live on the beautiful Central Coast of California. I have worked in public and academic libraries, and spent an amazing decade working for a software company that made products for libraries of all kinds. I teach Information Competency and Literacy online part-time, and spend huge amounts of time reading and enjoying the amazing place I live.

I have tracked the most recent 600 or so books I have read on Goodreads, and because I enjoy putting my thoughts down on (virtual) paper, decided to blog about some of the books I read…doesn’t really matter who reads my posts!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve recently published a book titled “A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide To Living Life With, And On Purpose”. My book is a compilation of humanities most timeless wisdom and illuminates a path to meaning and purpose in life that takes nothing on faith.

    Considering your review of “Mindful Aging” I thought it might interest you. If you’re considering giving it a review, I’d sincerely appreciate it but understand that you’re under no obligation to do so. Good or bad, I greatly appreciate the chance to receive your feedback. I’m simply looking for the opportunity to have it considered. If you’d like a free copy I’d be glad to send you a PDF, Ebook or paperback.

    I hope to hear from you soon …

    Here’s to living life with, and on purpose.
    James Miller


  2. Dear Littoral Librarian,

    I am writing to see if you would be interested in reviewing my suspense/thriller novel All the Lovely Children, just released by Red Adept Publishing. All the Lovely Children is my third published novel, and my first aimed at adults. Previous novels include Daemon Hall, and Return to Daemon Hall: Evil Roots.

    Book jacket blurb:

    In 1982, Charly Bloom, one of the first female field officers in the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, has left the bureau. When she gets a call from an old flame, she returns to her hometown of Temperance, North Carolina to investigate the disappearances of four children. The abductions are eerily similar to a set of previous crimes. Two decades earlier, Charly with her two best friends decided to play amateur detectives and try to find a girl who’d been kidnapped from her home. More girls went missing. Clues overlooked by the inept sheriff led Charly to a confrontation with the man known as the Snatcher. She managed to fight back and kill him. Or so everyone thought. Is the Snatcher back, or is there a copycat? Charly must face her past and her own personal demons in a race against time to save the latest victim.

    I have e-copies available at this time, in mobi, epub, and pdf format. I will be happy to provide the format of your choice in exchange for a review.

    Best regards,
    Andrew Nance


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