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I admit, I wasn’t sure about this one…sounds fine, a retired DEA agent moves to Missoula, MT where he has been offered a faculty position — wait, what? Sorry, but faculty positions don’t just fall from trees like that…but I overlooked that. Then there is the really creepy serial killer part…harder for me to overlook.

This book is nearly impossible to discuss without giving away too much. It is a fairly quick read, and would be enjoyed by people who like a good police procedural, some Rocky Mountain atmosphere, some budding romantic tension, a “good guy” protagonist, and some good writing.

Personally, the creepy serial killer part was a tiny bit TOO creepy but overall, I enjoyed it and will definitely look forward to Mr. Giliotti’s next book! Thanks to Chateau Noir Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review. Four stars!