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Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger was high on my TBR list, but for some reason I kept not really getting into it. It had a couple of things that I don’t really “get” – namely, visions and tattoos. Both of these are fine for others, but just don’t do it for me…in my fiction reading or in my personal life.

So, here we have a 20-year old young woman, Finley Montgomery, who goes to live with her grandmother, Eloise Montgomery, who is a famous psychic living in a town in New York known as The Hollows. Finley has all the trendy trappings to attract a demographic of which I am not a member: the aforementioned tattoos, a motorcycle, a bad boy boyfriend…and the visions. They are freaking her out so she turns to Eloise for help.

Jones Cooper is a detective in The Hollows who has been hired by Merri Gleason, a woman who has spent the past ten months searching for her missing daughter, Abbey.  Cooper has worked with Eloise in the past, and while Merri isn’t a believer in Eloise’s “gifts,” she is desperate.

Finley and Eloise are drawn into the investigation, which proves much more complicated than a simple mission persons case about a local girl.   Finley digs deeper into the secrets in The Hollows…and that’s about all I can say without spoiling some of the twists and turns in the plot.

I am a fan of Lisa Unger, and I think this may be the start of a series featuring Finley and Eloise…and, of course, The Hollows, which is in some ways a character itself. I appreciate having an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for my review. I think fans of horror will love it, and thriller readers (more my genre) will enjoy it. It gets four stars from me!