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COVER Watching Edie Camilla Way

This is another one of those CREEPY psychological thrillers involving young women who were friends as teenagers, then they lose contact, and years later they reconnect with more or less unpleasant results.

In this one, Heather and Edie are the two main characters. The novel is definitely creepy and it all leads to a horrifying conclusion. I have to say, I admire the skill of the author, but I just didn’t care about either of the two main characters while I was reading…and yet, I found myself thinking about the way we all have baggage from earlier selves, and either from our own or others’ actions. The way our younger selves and experiences of our earlier years inform our situations and choices as adults is usually interesting and worthy of a closer look.

I will read this author’s future books, because she is skilled at plot development and I love a good psychological thriller…I just hope I care more about at least one of the characters in her next book. Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy of this in exchange for my honest three-star review.