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I Let You Go Mackintosh

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

For starters, I loved this book, which I was surprised to learn is Clare Mackintosh’s debut novel (can’t wait for the next one!) Secondly, I need to word this carefully, so as not to give anything away…

There is a horrible hit-and-run accident, and a young boy is killed. The protagonist, Jenna Gray, devastated by the accident, moves to a remote cottage on the windswept Welsh coast, but she is seriously traumatized and can’t seem to escape her fears, her grief and her memories of the accident.

While Jenna is working through her fear and grief (among lots of great scenery, with vivid, well-developed characters all around), a parallel story develops as police Investigator Ray Stevens try to solve the mystery of the hit-and-run.

This really is an outstanding psychological thriller…like others who have commented on it, I was mesmerized. The plot is well done, and is hugely emotional

I really appreciated that this is a compelling story that doesn’t have to preach to emphasize for us the reality that lives can change in an instant.

Five stars, and thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.