Cold Barrel Zero by Matthew Quirk.

TBH, I am not sure why I wanted to read a military thriller. But apparently I did, and I thank NetGalley for an advance copy in return for my honest review.

Now, TBTH (TOTALLY!), this review is based on my husband’s reaction to the book, because I didn’t actually read it…but he did, and he enjoyed it. The author clearly knows his stuff, and writes a tightly paced thriller full of things that only Special Ops type people know. Personally, it would have given me nightmares, but fans of military action will love it!

The book is described as one that “brings together the blistering pace of Lee Child, the nonstop action of Brad Thor, and the richly drawn characters and moral stakes of Daniel Silva. “ Well, there you have it. I don’t love any of the three, although have read at least one title from each of them, and know they are hugely popular.

My husband says four stars (he is a pretty tough grader!)