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The title of Mike Dow’s book The Brain Fog Fix leapt out at me, and I was eager to read it for two reasons: I am always interested in general in the topic of behavior being influenced by nutrition (which I suspected was the core of the “fix”) and I happen to have a grandson who complains of suffering from “brain fog,” and I hoped we might be able to provide some (admittedly unsolicited) suggestions that might help him.

If you search for Mike Dow online, you will instantly notice the many pop culture links (Dr. Oz, TLC’s Freaky eaters, others) that might make you suspect this is just another media doc out for a quick buck…and admittedly, he is a doctor the same way Dr. Laura is a doctor: a therapist. But his advice is sound, and there is quite a bit of science to back up the opinions. And, let’s face it, I am a sucker for books that state the case for cleaning up your diet to heal your brain before you flood it with chemicals.

In addition to the nutrition, he advocates cognitive behavioral therapy, and seems to be interested in helping people as well as making a buck! It may often be a case of him preaching to the choir, as I am not sure how receptive people are to what can be a drastic change in lifestyle, and I suspect some people have to be REALLY desperate to try his suggestions…but it made sense to me.

It isn’t a scientific text, and it is pop culture, but there isn’t anything in the advice that could hurt and, as they say, it might help! I appreciate having the opportunity to read and review this book in exchange for my unbiased review. Five stars!